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Intuitive SMS Campaign Creation

Create Custom SMS Campaigns on the fly that pulls customers into the sales funnel. Run keyword campaigns, contests, polls, viral texting (Exclusive Patent Pending Technology), loyalty, surveys, web forms, lead notification, and more. Every campaign allows you to set up and send automated text messages for subscribers, subscribers, and opt-outs. Our SMS Software can also post SMS results to a 3rd party script to trigger an event, whether it be disarming your business's alarm to notifying a sales CRM of a new lead. We are on the cutting edge of new regulations coming in the future. We are the ONLY SMS Gateway that has Double opt-in capability. Set automatic expiration of text offers and coupons. An automatic autoresponder that follows up on a schedule you set sends weekly or daily coupons with one click. Slit test two SMS campaigns at once, see what pulls customers to your business. An industry first, Logical SMS Directives allow you to assign subscribers into new campaign dynamically flows based on responses. More features are added dynamically to your system…, and it's FREE! All campaigns include custom campaign notes, custom autoresponders, subscriber list tracking and graphical reporting, data import & export, and full training.

View of our Home Tabs In our Software.

Our Prospector Service is great for anyone or any business that is selling products or services either one or many please the above very is for home sales either sold by owner or by an agent.

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