We keep an eye on new marketing & digital trends always, Plus help local businesses grow their business by upgrading them to the digital world.

At 123 Whiting Marketing Company, LLC, We offer fantastic marketing ideas to business owners of all types. Our services can allow their customers to use our services while in their business and enable them to stay in touch with the company (You) owner. Plus, the business owner can also communicate back to their customers while using the services we offer, plus lowering the business owner's Return on investments and advertising costs with list building solutions. Including SMS AND Email marketing solutions that have low-cost plans.

Products and Services we offer.

The first loyalty system using NFC (tap) technology! Just tap your phone to NFC stickers and the app does the rest!

Giveaways and Sweepstakes

Host giveaways, Acquire email addresses, phone numbers, and Instagram followers. Expand your marketing potential through new channels.

Giveaways and Sweepstakes

Turn Free WiFi HotSpots Into Powerful Marketing Platforms. With Social Powered WiFi, gathering customer data and marketing has never been easier.

Social Business Wifi Marketing

Reward Kiosks & Auto-Pilot Engagement. Customized reward kiosks are the easiest and most effective way to engage customers.

Streamlined, Clean-Cut, Affordable Mobile Websites, and Apps, Streamlined Apps We can turn your website into an elegant, streamlined mobile-friendly website and app. Intuitive Layout Easily navigates through the website using tabs, icons, and sliders. Dozens of Features All the features you need that cater to your industry to create a robust app. Customizable We can use your logo, color scheme, and website theme to give your mobile app a personal touch. Affordable Create mobile apps for the fraction of the cost it would take to develop them. Powerful Hosting We host, maintain, and update your mobile app and website at all times.

Smart Meeting Software for Any type of Meetings or Events.

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Our New I course software. This is easy to use and a good way to show off your techniques or anything you want people to register and log in to help build a members list. this works with any youtube video. Very easy to set up and use on any website or blog.

Try it out this is our Demo of the service, Register, and then log in. and if your interested in having this for a super low price of only $37 dollars click the GET OFFER button below.

ConnectPro and DialCaller Bundle Deal

Watch the video below to learn more about ConnectPro and DialCaller